This is a series Elliott Insurance Service is starting for our clients called “Biz Blast”. We want to spotlight them and their amazing business to give them the recognition they deserve. Both the Yellow Church Cafe and Roslyn Mexican Grill are our clients and have allowed us to share their story and delicious cuisine with you. Enjoy!

The Yellow Church Café was built in 1923 as a church for German Lutherans. Since then, the building has served many purposes and is now a restaurant. Owners Shonda and Oscar believe that food, friends and fellowship go hand in hand.



The Yellow Church Café focuses their food around pacific seasonal ingredients. They are privileged to have some of the best farmers on the east side of Washington State, including the best wines and micro-brews. Their number one focus is to insure quality and freshness, they work with local seasonal ingredients, focus on baking all their bread daily, cutting their own meats and using only the freshest ingredients.



The Roslyn Mexican Grill

Roslyn Mexican Grill shares the same owners as The Yellow Church Café. There has been a renewed interest from the owners to get back to their culinary roots, Roslyn Mexican Grill has taken this idea by the reigns and is offering many different dishes cooked in the traditional style from several different states in Mexico.




Corn, squash, beans and chili’s made up a majority of the dishes used before the Spanish conquest, as well as a wide variety of spices, chocolate and tomatoes (which were thought poisonous by Europeans). All of these different foods work together to create some incredible flavors unique to each specific locale in which they are prepared.

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